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Estate Planning & Litigation

estate-planningTrust/Will Preparation

Proper estate planning can ensure the preservation of your estate, the omission of unnecessary attorney fees following death, and even minimize out-of-pocket expenses associated with long-term care needs. Planning for your asset management while you are still alive can greatly reduce the stress and potential for family discord while also giving you the ability to control or dictate the appropriate use of your estate assets for years or decades to come.

Probate Administration & Litigation

Have you been named the Administrator for your loved ones estate? Are you the beneficiary of an estate who is concerned that the estate is not being administered properly? Whether you are in need of help administering an estate or you are looking for an attorney to help represent your interests in an estate, the Law Office of Mitchell J. Perrault can assist with your legal needs.

Powers of Attorney

In times when you are unable to make important financial or medical decisions for yourself it is important to have a legally-enforceable, properly executed Power of Attorney. The Law Office of Mitchell J. Perrault can help you prepare for the unfortunate time where you need to rely on assistance from a loved one and can also help save against the need for expensive and time-consuming court hearings in order to get that assistance.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of legal counsel for an area of law not addressed by our office. We can quickly connect you with reputable attorneys who specialize in personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate matters, and numerous other practice areas in the mid-Michigan area.

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