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If you are considering divorce, the Law Office of Mitchell J. Perrault extends its sincerest condolences.

You undoubtedly have many confusing and painful questions. Even if you aren’t sure that hiring an attorney is the next step, don’t hesitate to contact our office today to get your questions answered at no cost or obligation. Getting answers to key questions will help you determine the best way to proceed.

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Attorney Mitchell J. Perrault specializes in family/ divorce law and mediation and is based in Livingston County, Michigan. He has spent over 10 years focusing on the complexities of family law and understands and sympathizes with clients involved in these unfortunate situations. He treats each and every client with respect and compassion, while fighting to achieve the results you deserve.

I was going through a messy divorce and the attorney I hired was not handling things as she should have, which made the experience even worse. I was at my wits end with worry and dis-pare when I found Attorney Mitchell Perrault very late in the proceedings. I could not have been in better hands. Mr. Perrault was very professional, yet personable. He worked diligently on my case and I received excellent results. I don’t know what I would have done without him and I would hire Mr. Perrault for future use shall the need arise.

Thank you Mitch Perrault, for getting me through a difficult situation and time in my life. Job well done!

          ~ Amy K., Howell, Michigan

Please read below for additional information regarding divorce and custody processes.


Divorce can be overwhelming and difficult. Understanding the area of divorce and family law is important to advancing and protecting your legal rights. Often parents are confronted with the threat of losing their minor children, their assets and/or their income due to divorce. Having an attorney who understands the laws affecting the child custody, asset distribution and support will greatly assist in ensuring you receive the fair outcome you deserve. Whatever your goals are after the dust has settled, Mr. Perrault has the experience and dedication necessary to assist you with your divorce needs.


Whether it be issues of physical custody or legal custody, parents are entitled to retain significant involvement in the lives’ of their minor children. Court often consider the best interest of the minor child in determining physical and legal custody. Having an attorney who understands the law and how to argue within it is imperative in a custody battle. No matter what is in the best interest of your minor children, Mr. Perrault can counsel and lead you to the ultimate outcome of receiving a fair and equitable custody award.

Parenting Time

Domestic and family law often results in the sharing or splitting of time with the minor children. For many people this is the most difficult part of a domestic case. Having and utilizing the services, advice and leadership of an experienced, tough and compassionate lawyer can have a significant impact on the amount of parenting time you are awarded with your minor children. The commitment shown by Mr. Perrault to obtaining a fair parenting time outcome for you will be evident from your initial meeting. Mr. Perrault understands that your children will continue to grow and mature and that as a parent, your involvement in that process is a priority.

Child Support

Parents are required to financially support their children regardless of custody and/or parenting time. Child support is determined based upon the earnings (or earnings potential) of the parties, the parenting time outcome, child care expenses incurred, as well as several other economic factors. Utilizing the appropriate tools and understanding how to use those tools can greatly affect receiving a fair and equitable child support order.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Often divorce leaves one party with an unfair income stream capable of causing a significant drop in their standard of living. Michigan law provides for the leveling of these incomes depending on several factors such as the incomes of the parties, the length of marriage, the medical condition of the parties and several other statutory considerations. Failing to recognize and/or properly present an alimony case to the court can result in long-term financial effects for either the payer or payee of alimony/spousal support. To avoid the potential for inequitable standards of living trust your legal matter to attorney Mitchell J. Perrault.

Property Settlement

Divorce often leaves both parties in a position of starting life over in terms of acquiring/paying for a home, accumulating retirement assets and even simply adequately furnishing your home. After years of accumulating assets with your spouse it would be devastating to not receive a fair distribution award. Understanding the court’s considerations and being able to present a fair distribution proposal to the court for your assets is distinctly important. Failing to preserve your asset allocation will leave you feeling cheated by the court system. Having the assistance, guidance and representation of an experienced and loyal attorney can help you receive the property award you are entitled to and preserve your fair share of the marital estate.


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