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Criminal Law

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Driving Under the Influence, Operating Under the Influence of Liquor, and Operating Under the Influence of Drugs are criminal charges in the State of Michigan. The exact charge levied against you or your loved one will depend on the facts of their individual case. Understanding the elements of each offense is imperative in defending those charges. Without the services of an experienced attorney you or your loved one could be improperly convicted of a serious criminal charge.

Probation Violations

Violation of probation will often result in a return visit to the Judge to answer to a Probation Violation charge. Being convicted of a probation violation allows the Court to sentence you again on the charges you were initially convicted of. At times this can result in a significant amount of jail time and even a prison sentence. Employing an experienced attorney with the commitment to achieving the proper and just outcome for your probation violation can mean the difference between receiving a lengthy jail or prison sentence or simply continuing on probation.

Juvenile Charges

Each county has a Juvenile Court division where minor children face juvenile charges which mirror the same charges often faced by adults. Generally, the purpose of the Juvenile Court is to rehabilitate the juvenile so they can still live a meaningful, law-abiding and productive life as an adult. To accomplish that intent but acknowledge the existence of potentially illegal criminal activity, the Juvenile Court uses the same process as the adult courts without the long-term effects of a permanent conviction record. With the remaining existence of other life-long effects coming from juvenile adjudications (Sex Offender Registry, Adult Guideline scoring, etc.), it is important to retain the services of an attorney experienced with the juvenile law division.


A felony in Michigan is any crime punishable by more than one year of incarceration. While all criminal matters begin in the District Court, felony matters are generally concluded in the Circuit Court division of the county court system. Having an experienced attorney familiar with the District Court and Circuit Court can help you get the best resolution to your criminal law matter. With the long-term effects of a felony conviction on your permanent record you must employ the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal law attorney when you face a felony charge. Whether you or your loved one are facing felony charges in Livingston County or any other mid-Michigan county, your rights will be protected with the legal services of Mitchell J. Perrault.


A misdemeanor is any crime punishable by less than one year of incarceration. Misdemeanor charges are handled in the District Court division of the county court system. Examples of common misdemeanor charges include Drinking & Driving, Assault & Battery, Possession of Marijuana, Minor in Possession and hundreds of other potential charges. Understanding your constitutional rights and the way the courts work will help you in proper administration of misdemeanor criminal matter.

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